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Sign up TODAY to become a member of the world's leading software-specific affiliate program. It's fast, it's easy, and it's your ticket to making money!

We've amassed the largest selection of software titles available anywhere on the Planet. Combined with a robust set of Sales Tools and our new Affiliate Rewards Program, earning serious cash has never been so easy.

Here is why you need to join the RegNow Affiliate Program today!


The RegNow Affiliate Program pays you more. For every sale you generate through the program, we'll pay you UP TO 2.5% in additional commissions on every sale. This is pure profit that goes right in your pocket!


Leakage.... As an affiliate, you know the true costs to your business when you don't receive fair payment for the sales you have driven. Our Certification Program virtually eliminates the risk of leakage. Most of our vendor partners also accepts PayPal through the commerce engine thus eliminating any leakage associated with PayPal consumer payments.


Recruit additional affiliates into the RegNow program and earn 5% on every sale they generate for the first 90 days after their signup date. This is one of the most rewarding two-tier affiliate systems currently in the marketplace.


The RegNow Program has a number of different tools to help affiliates sell. From standard data feeds of the catalog to cutting edge tools like our SoftwareSearch and SoftwareAdsNow program, we're always looking for new and innovative ways to help affiliates sell more and more effectively.

NEW - RegNow Affiliate Site Builder Tool allows you create an affiliate site populated with thousands of RegNow products quickly and easily. It's simple. Select your template, customize with your logo and drag and drop your content widgets.


Whether it is consumer payments or payments to our affiliates, you won't find a more flexible affiliate commerce system. For consumer payments, we accept all major credit cards, PayPal and international wires. From an affiliate payment standpoint, you can receive your payment in one of over 25 currencies. We also support payments via ACH, wire, check or even on your own personal Visa Electron card.


The RegNow Affiliate Program puts you in control. You can alter the checkout process for your customers to match the look and feel of your site. Our industry leading reporting provides you the power to track and manage your campaigns. Lastly, we support the ability for you to track sales through your Google or Yahoo keyword campaigns.

Now that you have seen the benefits of affiliate marketing through the RegNow Affiliate Program, take the next step. Signup today and start reaping the rewards of partnering with the best software affiliate program on the Internet today.

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