Publisher's Description

Digital Publishing Labs: Tier 1 Pricing (LIMITED)

Digital Publishing Labs: Tier 1 Pricing (LIMITED) Publisher's Description

We helped even the most skeptical unsuccessful selfpublishers make as much as $25,000 per month in royalties (within months)... Here's how: this 7 minute video will change the way you look at making money from kindle publishing forever:The Digital Publishing Labs is an experience that dives much deeper than simple publishing advice and concepts. It’s a collaborative between students (the most successful is earning $25K/mo in royalties after 7 months) and teachers. It’s modeled after Ryan Leonard & Neil Bakewell’s highly successful private masterminds (MM#1 & MM#2) where we did in depth training teaching our students how to break into highly lucrative but largely ignored genres easier than anyone thought possible. The secret to our success was three fold: We did extensive research and testing to find profitable genres that had a low barrier to entry. In simple terms, we found genres where readers were accustomed to purchasing “books” with very simple plots and low page count.  We broke down the genres/sub-genres detailing what readers wanted and then created paint-by-the-numbers templates that our students used to create their own stories with unparelled ease.  We created highly focused, incredibly motivational mastermind groups where members worked together as a co-operative and not as competitive opponents. Numerous members become highly proficient very quickly due to the fact that everybody gave back and shared. These three pillars combined to create a high level of success amongst a great many members, very, very quickly. Most of our members had little to no confidence before these masterminds. Most had seen very little or no success prior to publishing using our methods. In the past few months we’ve seen students make their first $100, $1000, $10000 and now one student making more than $20,000 a month. We’ve seen students quit their jobs to focus on self publishing full time. Members have said we’ve “changed their lives forever.” More than anything though, DPL is massively different than anything else in the self publishing field due \to the fact that we’re dedicated to getting our students results and providing huge, life changing breakthroughs for those who are willing to put in the work and stay consistent. We do our best to consistently place our students above our profits. We believe with unshakable conviction that if we put the success of others above our own success, the rest will take care of itself. Quite frankly, there’s nothing else like MM#1 and MM#2 anywhere else. ...and as incredible as all this is, it’s truly just the beginning. What you’re seeing here, on this very page, is taking everything further… in a way that’s never been done before. Welcome to The Digital Publishing Labs! We created the Labs with the desire to remove all walls between what we’re actually doing inside our own publishing business and what you see. Instead of giving you a watered down, half assed “product” on how to do one specific thing with kindle, we’re unveiling the whole system. In effect, we’re showing you in near real time exactly what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how you can do it too. How many times have you thought to yourself: “...If I could just sit behind someone successful and watch how they’re making money for one day, I think I could do it too...” That’s what we’re offering to anyone bold enough to join us. This is unheard of in the marketing and self-publishing landscape. It’s bold, exciting and... just a tad crazy! You see, there was one “problem” with the mastermind groups: They were exclusive and expensive, with students paying upwards of a thousand bucks to join. To be fair, the groups were worth far more than we ever charged… but they were still out of reach for many, many students. We wanted to do something radical with DPL. We wanted to make it accessible to many more people, while still keeping it exclusive. Before I made a living online, I was hard up. I worked jobs I hated for minimum wage and spent all my money trying to learn how to make this �internet business thing’ a reality. After four years of failure, I was at the end of myself. I had no car, no job (and couldn’t find one anywhere), was in debt and living in my parent’s unfinished garage. It was New Year’s Day, 2012 when I gained access to a “kindle product” that changed my life. I knew it was time to sink or swim, so I threw all my weight behind it and focused on applying what I had learned. By the end of that same month I had made over a $1,000. It was the first time I had ever made ANY money online. Since then, I’ve been blessed with the freedom that I used to dream about. I wake up when I want to, work when I want to, and actually get to do something that challenges me… but best of all, I get to work with customers who have become friends, and take an active role in helping them change their lives. Even though it's not possible to make it availible for EVERYONE, we knew we could do more to make it more accessible for the average person. The last members we allowed into in MM#2 paid $1200 each, and we were about to raise the price to $2000, and keep going from there before we decided to shake things up even more and started the labs. A couple thousand dollars is a lot of money for most people to pay all at once. The key, we realized, was in creating a living course and a living mastermind, something that continues to grow with us and our students... something that could be paid for chunks, with no commitment for members. Kindle is always changing, and our strategies are always evolving. It was time to create a new way of learning. We knew we had to create something that was ongoing, and not a onetime thing. So we had a long think and said:  “Hey, how about we show people exactly what we’re doing, as we’re doing it… how about we share our failures as well as our success… and how about we create an environment where we can offer ongoing support, motivation and answers to questions… how about we create a COOPERATIVE where students learn WITH us—and pay monthly, with the option to leave at any time..?” And thus The Digital Publishing Lab was born. The first of it’s kind. A team of highly motivated and incredibly supportive self publishers who all work together for massive success. Now our entire operation is coming to you live-- and in a continuesly updated fashion. We do the work, then present it to you without hiding our “secrets”. But what about the nitty gritty of what you’re actually getting when you become a member…? of what you'll get when you join DPL today:Kindle “stupefied”… There are enough smart guys out there teaching self publishing. We like to keep things SIMPLE. We don’t care how simple or silly something is. All we care about is giving our students exactly what they need to see results as fast as humanly possible.  More than theory… we aren’t working with lofty ideas. Our strategies are baptized by fire. If it doesn’t make us money, it’s thrown away. It isn’t recycled into a crappy product we can sell to some poor suckers later on.  A Look over the shoulder of two successful self publishing enthusiasts who coached two small groups to a collective several hundred thousand dollars in royalties in under a year. You get to see what they’re doing, every week. What they’re experimenting with, profiting from, and struggling with.The tools to charge enough to fund your lifestyle, your goals and your dreams without charging so much that it turns people away Promotion… what’s scary and smells like death? . This single word kills more dreams than anything else in the self publishing landscape. Most of the people we work with our terrified of any kind of “marketing”. Fortunately, most of them now realize it’s not only crucial, but also cheap and easy if you follow what we do. Remember what I said about simplifying things? This is no exception.Oh—and if you’ve been running around like a monkey at a circus trying to promote your “free book” all over the internet, you can stop that now. It doesn’t really work, and it’s so hard!  Ghosting… some people want a publishing empire, and they want it fast. Most people will tell you this isn’t possible without sacrificing quality. We know better, and we’ll show you how we help writers earn extra cash while helping us build a business of books. Some of us never write our own books, and this is our secret... the truth is, it's very simple if you have a plan to follow! The POWERFUL Live Mastermind... You get to interact with us and our most successful students in the mastermind-- this is beyond priceless! Parato… how do you leverage the slightest amount of effort, money and energy to get the most reward? The right strategy of course. In another life, Neil and I would have been warlords. Instead we just publish, and we’re getting good at it. Writing hacks… the secret is, there’s very few secrets. Those that exist, we share freely. We’ll show you the “dumb” way we brainstorm, plot and write at silly speeds. “Elitist writers” will not be comfortable. We are not a band of fancy pants writer’s, we’re a ragamuffin team of blue collar bruisers who grit their teeth and do things they never thought they could… we do have a few “elitist writers”, but they’re coming around.DPL is going to be responsible for more self-publishers succeeding than anything else available anywhere else.We’re convinced, and you will be as well once you experience this for yourself. Originally, we had planned on allowing members in at the bargain bucket price of $297 a month. A price so far below it’s value it would make Ebenezer renounce his once found generosity and dedicate his life to pounding some sense into our brick like skulls.Even though that price is fair, we decided to go a step further and make it LUDICROUS.We’re opening the payments in stages, and we’re calling them “tiers” because it sounds cool. Starting with Tier 1 pricing. If you’re fortunate enough to be reading this while we’re still at Tier 1, you have the opportunity to gain access for only $99/mo.There are only 2 types of people: our customers and everybody else.Our customers make money.Everyone else…?Well, you’re reading this for a reason.We know for many of you this very low price still isn’t cheap… unless you consider the fact that we’ve had a multitude of students who are making 10X, 20X, 30X, 100X (and beyond) that every single month as a direct result of what they’ve learned from us.I’ll risk sounding like a salesman for a moment and ask you a silly question……Would you trade $100 a month to earn $1000?Of course you would… even if it took you 9 months to get there, you’d still earn all your money back plus profit with just a single $1000 month!And a $1000 month is not only achievable, it’s actually very low compared to what many of our members were earning within a few months of applying it. Take a look for yourself. Here’s what some of our members are saying:Now… things are beginning to get serious…This is the part where I’m supposed to rub your dirt in the nose and tell you what a sorry sucker you are if you don’t join now…The part where I tell you, If you don’t buy now, your whole family will disown you for being so stupid. The part where I say “this is your only chance… EVER..”But I don’t have the stomach for all that. So let me give it to you straight:You can make real cash money if you have half a brain, a small ego and a big work ethic.This will not be around forever, and the price will be going up when we open Tier 2 pricing.You’re not paying $1200 upfront, you’re paying $99. Don’t like it after a month? No sweat, we’ll show you the door. We don’t want you with us unless you want to be with us. If $99 isn’t worth the risk, you don’t have a very good chance of making it in this business. Just saying.This ain’t a charity. You’re not paying us to look good (you couldn’t afford that). Give us your money and we’ll do are part. And if we get lazy and stop doing our part? Then poke us in the eyes and take your business elsewhere. There’s no commitment beyond 1 month.NOW is powerful. You’re on this page NOW, not yesterday, not next week. You’re here now for a reason. Take serendipity by the hand and join us on a very crazy, but always exciting ride.If you’re the woman, man or computer savvy Dalmatian whom fate decides is our next member, then I speak on behalf of the entire DPL team when I say:I won’t bore you with a bunch of high pressured sales talk.You know what the Digital Publishing Labs is. You’ve seen what our students think about us and our teachings. You know the Tier 1 pricing is the lowest you’ll ever see it and subject to raise.…and hopefully it’s painfully obvious that we’re a little “different” and that we actually care about your results.If you’re on the edge of your seat wishing this sales letter was a little longer so you could continue to entertain the fantasy of this being real, then do your sanity a favor and join us now. We’re not orthodox, but we’re a helluva lot of fun.We look forward to watching you succeed with us!-Ryan Leonard & Neil BakewellFor inquiries, please email us at

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Tags: Digital Publishing Labs, self publishing, students, money, simple publishing advice, self publishing field, mastermind groups, Digital Publishing Lab, skeptical unsuccessful selfpublishers, members, self publishing enthusiasts, low page count., self publishing landscape, depth training teaching, Neil Bakewell’s, largely ignored genres, Ryan Leonard, real time, continuesly updated fashion, supportive self publishers, parent’s unfinished garage, POWERFUL Live Mastermind, entire DPL team, people, pressured sales talk.You, bargain bucket price, blue collar bruisers, real cash money, kindle publishing, Neil BakewellFor inquiries, fancy pants writer’s, publishing full time, publishing business, students results, Numerous members, great many members, work, publishing empire, Kindle “stupefied”…, simple terms, successful students, private masterminds, extensive research, simple plots, paint-by-the-numbers templates, money online, things, it’s kind, high level, competitive opponents
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